Perform driver analysis and track your brand’s versatility

In the world of driver analysis, traditional offerings no longer cut it. They assume consumers are rational – when new behavioural research has demonstrated they aren’t. They use outdated statistical techniques that rely on correlations to come up with drivers – but in reality these correlations don’t accurately predict consumer behaviour.
This needs to change.

That’s why we’re offering BrandStretcher, a new way of conducting driver analysis for your brand. Here’s the theory: We all have needs. And we all have brands we associate with the satisfaction of these needs. The more needs your brand satisfies, the more customers will choose it, and the stronger it will be. BrandStretcher measures how many need states your brand satisfies for consumers, and offers a comparison across brands in your category.

Imagine a man wants to buy a beer. Most driver analysis models assume his motivation is the same whenever he sets out to buy that beer. But that’s not how people behave in the real world. If he’s going to a bar or pub with friends, he might choose Windhoek. If he’s buying in bulk for the rugby, he might decide Castle is the way to go. Or if he’s on a date he might want to impress his partner by buying a foreign beer like Heineken.

BrandStretcher doesn’t just assume one need state, but instead measures a variety of needs to determine how likely consumers are to pick your brand as their needs change.

So what can all this tell you?

BrandStretcher’s Versatility Index correlates closely with market share, giving you an overall picture of how your brand is performing in comparison to its competitors
Attributes to ‘attack’ – perceptions about the brand which, if strengthened, can gain you market share
Attributes to ‘defend’ – perceptions which your brand must maintain to prevent the loss of market share to its competitors.

Plus you’ll find out which competitors you’ll gain market share from if your attribute attacks succeed – and which you’ll lose share to if you fail to adequately defend your brand’s most important associations. BrandStretcher will help you prioritise strategic goals and give you the insights you need to grow your market share and drive your brand forward.

So, let’s find out how versatile your brand really is....

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