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Pondering Panda combines forces with WeChat

16 April 2015

A new base is opening up for digital market research

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with mobile chat app WeChat.

This is big news for the Panda. Just how big? WeChat has 468 million active users (November 2014), with 100 million of those outside of China (March 2014). And that translates into huge potential for market research.

WeChat also has a strong and growing presence in South Africa and Africa, making it a perfect partner for us.

Read the official press release

Pondering Panda on WeChat

Pondering Panda now has its own Official Account on WeChat (WeChat ID: ponderingpanda) where we are using the experience we’ve gained from other social networks to gamify the WeChat survey experience, and attract more savvy, smartphone-wielding users to our app.

Check it out – it’s audacious, fun, topical and colloquial.

The good news for our clients is that we’re broadening our base agnostic model and adding yet another respondent base to improve the targeting, reach and demographic penetration of our studies.

The good news for WeChat users is not only the fun surveys, but also the interesting insights into what other WeChat users really think about topical issues. Users will also stand the chance to earn incentives or win spot prizes.

Having pioneered mobile research in South Africa, we’re very excited to have a new, smartphone-based platform that we can leverage for our clients. We’re hoping to build on our WeChat presence and grow with it as WeChat continues its fast-paced growth in Africa.

More about WeChat

WeChat is the world’s fastest-growing social communication app with more than 468 million users globally. It provides a central point of control for users to share voice, photo, video and text messages, as well as transact for free across their entire social eco-system – on and offline. Through Official Accounts, WeChat allows brands to deliver rich, high-touch content experiences to engage with and grow their communities – on and offline.

Learn more about WeChat and download the app at