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A breakthrough in digital research…& a new look for the Panda

18 March 2015

Once again, 3 years since taking the global research industry by storm, we’ve revolutionised the way we conduct digital research – and it’s of huge value to our clients.

Through partnerships with leading online panels, digital communities, social networks and databases across Africa, Pondering Panda can now seamlessly stitch together multiple respondent bases to give our clients significantly better coverage of their target markets than was previously available.

So what makes this important? Well, it solves a big problem in the research industry. Most research suppliers have only one or two respondent bases from which they sample – and this prejudices clients. Every respondent base or channel has inherent biases. Smartphones are more likely to reach younger, higher LSM respondents, for example, while feature phones skew towards lower LSMs, online panels skew older, and so it goes. These biases result in less valid data – but we’re changing that. We’ve partnered with multiple bases operating across the spectrum of digital devices, giving our clients dramatically better demographic penetration and targeting. Think of it like being in an ice cream shop – you can pick from a range of flavours, and mix and match until you get just the one you want. It’s a real breakthrough in research, and the results have been outstanding.

We’ve rigorously screened each of the six different respondent bases we now use, and have conducted extensive validity and reliability studies on each, to help us build the best possible sample for our clients. In short, this gives you better answers to your most pressing business questions, from a representative sample of respondents, chosen according to your specifications demographically and geographically, across Africa.

We’ve also married our love for research with our technical core, to create a little bit of tech wizardry. By plugging our proprietary research design technology into that of our partners’, we’re able to design surveys and collect data across multiple channels seamlessly, maintaining the same fast turnaround speed our clients have come to expect from us.

And on a more aesthetic note, we’ve refreshed the Panda brand to reflect the essence of our new model and our new research sampling methodology. We hope you like it.