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BAQMaR 2014 [Guest Blog]

24 November 2014

For the general public, market research conferences are probably a pretty boring prospect. For us, they’re fascinating. But even we have to admit sometimes that while watching the occasional paper we’ve sneaked a quick peek at our watches to find out exactly how much longer we needed to try and pay attention.

This is exactly why we love BAQMaR, the Belgian Association for Consumer & Data Driven Marketing. Their stated goal is to make market research cool again. Seriously. It’s on their website. We think that’s a great ambition, which is why we were so pleased to receive an invitation from BAQMaR to come and deliver a presentation at their annual conference in Ghent this year. It’s going to be laid-back (no, this has nothing to do with their proximity to The Netherlands), fun, and most importantly, very, very smart.

So, fresh from her presentation on ‘Cracking the code – applying behavioural science techniques to mobile research design’ at the inaugural Market Research in a Mobile World (MRMW) conference in Cape Town earlier this month, Pondering Panda’s CEO, Shirley Eadie, will be taking our show on the road to Belgium.

For the Panda, BAQMaR this year will also involve pointing out some of the pitfalls in research design that can be avoided if recent learnings from the behavioural sciences are taken into account, as well as suggesting more effective and valid research designs. It’s an exciting and important synthesis, and we hope the new techniques we are developing will, in time, become standard practice for the mobile research industry world wide.

It’s great to be able to present to (and get feedback from) an international audience, and we’re looking forward to bringing African insights to the world stage, and returning with European insights that can help improve market research in Africa.

If you’re interested, you can follow along and catch all the highlights on Twitter this Wednesday, 26 November with the hashtag #bqmr.